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It was November of 2012 that Mike and Holly had legally adopted 5 month old baby Moses from the Congo. Through many trials and visits, hurdles the size of mountains, and a lot of “in between” time Mike and Holly persevered with the hope to one day bring their baby boy home. Many have prayed for the Doden’s and Moses, as well as petitioning congress on behalf of all the pending adoptions in the Congo. On Father’s Day, June of 2014, the fruits of their exhaustive labors came to fruition as baby Moses and Holly landed into San Francisco to be greeted by both family and friends. It was a moment that I will never forget and blessed to have witnessed.

I remember the flutter of excitement that I had as I packed my gear and was driving to the airport. When I arrived I met Mike’s immediate family, as well as many familiar friends from church who were all there to show their love and support. I was so anxious, so nervous, as I didn’t want to miss those 1st moments as the Doden’s would soon be coming down the escalator towards the baggage claim where we were all waiting with great anticipation. It didn’t help that every pair of legs was a tease that it could be them. It was just a matter of time, and finally there they were with exhausted baby Moses embraced in his daddy’s arms and baby Sam in mama’s.

When Holly had taken what would end up being her last trip to the Congo, she would occasionally post updates as she fought to bring her baby home. I remember being so moved by her tenacity, by the power of a mother’s love. Both Holly and Mike had been through so much with all this, I desperately wanted to help. So I told Holly when “they” come home I want to do a family shoot.  About a week after their arrival, we headed to Golden Gate Park to capture there golden smiles and celebrate Moses and his new family, and what would be the beginning of a new chapter in all their lives.



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