#tbt – colette new born – burlingame, ca

It was already two days past Em’s due date, before I would get a text about the arrival of baby Colette. She was Born at 12:03am on April 14th 2014 at Mills Hospital in Burlingame CA. This would be the setting of our shoot. Originally Em and I talked about doing  the new born shoot at her home, I also offered her a quick 1hr. session at the hospital in addition to the shoot at home. Glad we did the hospital session, because the following several weekends would get filled with other obligations with both her family’s schedule as well as mine. By this time Colette will have changed quite a bit, so we decided to cancel the home shoot.

Leaving my day job, I navigated through the rush hour traffic towards Mills Hospital. Collette was less than 8 hours old when I finally found Em’s room which happened to be right down the hall from where my son was born 5 months earlier. The room was filled with joy and awe as friends and family gathered to meet the newest edition to the Tognozzi family. Though there wasn’t a lot of room, and the light was quickly fading, we made the best of it. Here’s what we came up with.


Bungau Monica - Congratulation for all your work ! You have at least one fan , from Romania, in my person. Your photos made me cry .

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