chasin terris dizon – burlingame, ca

Five months after we adopted our beautiful newborn son Ayden we found out Mercy was pregnant. Her pregnancy had been pretty rough as her nausea went well past the first trimester. We kept hoping that the next week it’ll go away, then the next, and so on. One particular day at around nine weeks Mercy had this horrible bout with nausea. For several hours she was vomiting and had become very weak. Thankfully it was towards the evening when baby Ayden was already down and I was home from work. After a trip to the emergency room that night, ends up she was diagnosed with having Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Once she was re-hydrated and given anti nausea medicine, they sent us home with a prescription of Zofran to help her navigate through her symptoms that lasted the majority of her pregnancy. Ironically any mother that has Hyperemesis Gravidarum has a much greater chance of having a successful full term pregnancy. Great news for us after having a couple miscarriages over the years. Though her pregnancy was challenging we have no regrets as the results far exceed the pain.

Three days after Mercy’s due date (Nov. 15th) I convinced her to let me do a quick photo shoot to try and capture a few moments of her pregnancy. Though tired and ready to have baby come on out she allowed me a brief 15 minutes. Little did I know that in less than 12 hours Mercy’s water would break, and we would make our way to the hospital for our first experience with labor and delivery. It was an intense 36 hours, and as a guy I was very grateful to have the care of our doula Jess there to guide us through this new experience. I never really new exactly why they called it “labor” and delivery. I get it now. Our room was the battle ground between contractions, brief rest periods, exhaustion, and the miracle of life entering into this world. It was one of the most intimate and intense experience that I will never forget, and I’m glad I was able to capture some of what we were seeing and feeling. I look forward to getting to know Chasin and I’m sure I’ll be posting photos of him in the near future. Thank you God for the gift of another son, and to all our friend’s and family that have been an amazing help to us. We are truly grateful and are so blessed. We are so in love with our precious Chasin Terris who is a wonderful edition to our growing family.

gus - Harriette, you are so sweet and encouraging. Thank you so much for your affirming words. Now I see where Elisa get’s her beautiful personality from. Blessings.

Harriette Hardy - Made me cry to read your story! I knew the first time I met you and your family that you guys were very special! The Lord is soooo good!! His timing is always perfect! He knows the beginning thru the ends of our stories and had orchestrated each step!!it took Alsn and Me 7 years before our first child. So I do understand many of the feeling you and your precious wife were feeling!!! Children are gifts from God any way they are received! Now you are passing along a heritage of a Christ centered home!! How blessed we have been to have been given this great privilege and responsibility! Lord bless your dear family in this coming year thanks also for the blessing you both are to my baby girl Elisa and her family in SF

Liz Allgaier Britain - so precious

Teresa O'Brien Nguyen - So beautiful Gus! I’m glad our paths crossed and to witness your beautiful family. Blessings to all of you. And huge kudos to Mercy for 36 hours!! She beat me by 6 hours so I know how tough it is.

Fe'ao N Haitelenisia Bloomfield - Congratulations We’ve been praying and God answered thanks for sharing your story and pictures God bless Sela Soana and family teacher janes sabbath school girls

Helen Lane - So beautiful! Tears in my eyes as I viewed this journey! (Monica Thom”s mom)

Renee Cerda Walker - Gus, you always manage to make me cry with your amazing stories and photo’s. Thanks for sharing!

Paulette Martinez - What a beautiful family!!

Joy Bianchi Brown - LOVE these!!!

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