baby montgomery – san francisco

Andrea’s jewelery of Andrea Montgomery Designs  has been published in many magazines including In Style, Lucky, and many others. She is quite the craftswoman, but some of her best pieces are not the beautiful jewelery she produces. I think her best pieces came in the form of her two sweet little boys. I met the Andrea and Paul Stewart about a year and a half ago when I worked in the nursery at my church Reality SF.  They are a great couple whom I’ve gotten to know, and become friends with. When I first met them their only child sweet William was about 6 months old and the youngest child in the nursery at the time. It has been fun watching him go from helplessly laying, to crawling, to walking, and talking. This past summer Andrea delivered baby boy number two. Little brother Montgomery was born at CPMC hospital in San Francisco at 8 pounds 5 ounces at 19 inches. Though I haven’t had as much time to meet him, I have no doubt that we will grow up to be as charming as his big brother. I’m looking forward to getting to know him.

One of the joys of shooting is having the wonderful opportunity to capture pivotal moments of the families I shoot. Moments that could potentially last for many generations. Moments that can be re-enjoyed over and over. Thank you Stewart family for choosing me to shoot you. Ok, that sounds weird!

John O'Brien - Hi. You were in a tag along with Carol Mitton from Jeff Sherman. (Any relation?) What cought my attention was the name Steele. My grandfather on my mothers side was John M. Steele. It would be quit interesting if that name is in your back ground too. Port Townsend seems to be a thread as well. The pictures of you family are very nice.

Katia Sherman Steele - Great photos…They are all so cute. My favorite is the the Goofy Hat Photos…Jacob has a Blue goofy had just like that, too Cute <3.

Emily Tognozzi - Oh my! So adorable, precious, beautiful…all of the above. My favorite are the ones in the chunky knot beanie- so sweet, soft and cuddly! Once again Gus, amazing job! Makes me want to have another…eeeek!

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