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I’ve known Tobee and Bill for a long time now. They are wonderful and encouraging friends. Bill is a quiet guy, with a sound demeanor. He has been a great role model, and not only was he a mentor before I got married, but he was also one of my groomsmen in my wedding. Now, they say behind every great man is a greater woman. Yep, Tobee is that gal. She is soothing to the soul, with her words of affirmation and her warm heart.

A few years back Tobee and Bill had their first child. Jessie is a bright young, beautiful, precious, little “hapa” girl. Although life has taken us all along separate paths, every once in awhile we do run into each other especially during kid’s birthday parties. I would take advantage of the opportunity of snapping some shots of Jessie. Since then we’ve often talked about doing a shoot family shoot. Well last Saturday it finally happened, with two new little ones due early in August we took advantage of doing a maternity/family shoot.

With so many kind words from my last post I was a little nervous about living up to it. Interesting thing is that I’m simply finding that this is just a different shoot. Just like people, we are all a little different, and so will the photos be also. That said I am happy with the shots we got of this beautiful family, but even more than that Tobee and Bill are happy with them too. Can’t wait to meet the other lil’ ones in August.


Karen Habegger - Gus, I am in awe. Just stunning photos. And what great models, too!

Cherie Allen - Gus, your work is truly exceptional. Beautiful!

Christine G. Leong - Awesome shots!!! Just beautiful!

Matthias - Great stuff Gus, lots of great emotion in these images!

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