emily & billy, Maternity – Pacifica

Talk about, What’s cookin good lookin. Baby “Bicep” Matteo is what’s cookin! Billy and Emily got married back in 2009, a few years later little Matteo is steadily baking in the oven, and is due this July. I have been given the honor and privilege to do my first maternity shoot with Billy and Emily. They are a gorgeous couple, and it was clear how huge their hearts are for each other. You could just see it with the way Billy served Emily, and how they looked into one another’s eyes. Matteo will be well cared for as dad is a firefighter/paramedic, and mama is a physician assistant (PA). More than that Matteo will be cared for because he is blessed with loving parents.

Although the butterflies were fluttering, it didn’t take long before we all warmed up to each other. We soon found ourselves having a great time taking some really fun shots. Emily and I had a handful of ideas before hand, and during the shoot we combined our ideas plus added some improvisation. This is the result of our shoot. Thank you Billy and Emily for the opportunity to be a part of your family’s history. Can’t wait to meet Matteo.

Ashley Cory Adams - These are GORGEOUS!!

T Monet Sims - google

Rebecca Meier - Saw this shoot over at Ontobaby.com. What a great shoot and could this couple be any more gorgeous!?! Their son is going to be blessed. Beautiful shoot!

diane biz - LOVE THESE! Really stunning.

bridget - awesome Gus! What a beautiful portfolio of images


Tobee - Gus, you are extremely gifted!!! these pix will bless Billy, Emily and their loved ones for a lifetime and beyond.

Claudia Kornaros - Gus, God has given you a gift. How you see is amazing. It’s really powerful! I believe God’s hand is all over your gift. It will be interesting to watch where this takes you!!

Fawnya - Beautiful pics Gus! Soo creative – looks like a mag spread!

christine mann - Gus… These are beautiful. Your attention to detail is exquisite…. Everything is just perfect.

Jodi - What an artist! I love the colors, the textures, the softness! Congratulations~ Can’t wait to see more!

Gisselle Godoy - Gus, these are beautiful photos. Each of these pictures tell a story. Without knowing this couple, you captured the love they both have. I could feel their joy and excitement. You did a great job! I’d like for you to book some time to take a picture of my kids. Congratulations on your endeavor!

damon - nyce work

Denise Farinsky - These are beautiful! Congratulations! You are a man of many talents!

Josh Gruetzmacher - Gus! These are great! I love that shot with the books and their dog :) Fun shoot.

Julie Otero - Amazing work, friend!

Jen buescher - Gus!!!! Youre flippin awesome!!

Todd Petrik - Let me be the first to say “DUDE, you rock”. I love it. All of it. The photos, the font, the logo, the layout, etc.

Great job and i am so excited for you.

ROSE WALKER AMESCUA - Gus – you are AMAZING. I stand in awe of your talent.

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